The Power of Me Summer Program

The Power of Me Summer Program

The goal of this program is for teens in the program to educate other teens in the community about developing positive behaviors around health, mental wellness, and violence

The Power of Me Summer Program is a 5-week leadership Experience for teens.

The summer program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development which provides a platform for leadership development and experiential learning.  Participants will develop the aptitude that that learning happens through a process when we try to make meaning from our experiences (reflecting on what we’ve done).

During the program, teens will be introduced to several themes such as health, mental wellness, and violence. Weekly teens will explore the chosen themes, then develop a community project and social media project to educate the community about these themes.  Through this process, teens will get the opportunity to create an impact on themselves, families, local community, and potentially the world at large. Thus, helping them develop a sense of identity and purpose.

Program Outcomes

Teens will:

  • Develop more grit, grow as critical thinkers and increase their failure resiliency.
  • Be empowered and exposed to opportunities where they can enact some kind of positive social change. During these opportunities, they will develop leadership skills in making a change to help the community function more effectively and humanely.
  • Establish a sense of a positive identity and purpose


The Power of Me Summer Program


    A self-discovery guide for teens

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