The I Am Girls' Project

A grant-funded program for girls in the Greater Hartford Area.
These girls will engage in 8 workshop sessions and activities that will focus on the theme,
I Am Making an Impact: Our Voices Matter

Each participant will focus on writing and developing a paper/manuscript based on the highlighted sub-themes below:
I Am Making an Impact: Our Voices Matter
Within themselves
Within their families
Within their community

This project is an opportunity for them to write, reflect on who they are, their goals, experiences, and impact on their families and communities. Writing this piece, I Am Making an Impact: Our Voices Matter is an approach that can help youth develop emotionally and socially as they master their academics. All the written papers/manuscripts of the participants will be compiled in an anthology which will be published at the end of the program




This book will empower teens to:

• Activate the Power within themselves

• Develop a Road Map to Success for their lives.

• Develop a sense of resiliency and courage, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

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