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Workforce Empowerment

Workforce Empowerment

  • Do you want to sustain and empower your workforce?
  • Do you struggle with the question:  How can I create a fulfilling working culture that inspires employees to achieve our business goals?
  •  Are you facing the challenge of balancing increased productivity while maintaining a highly engaged, creative and empowered work force?

Creative Empowerment Seminar

This professional development seminar is an opportunity to increase and stimulate creativity, empowerment and a sense of purpose in your workforce. Empowerment is the deep-seated emotion that employees acquire when they derive satisfaction from their work. A focus on work-life balance will drive higher productivity. According to the Right Management’s Global Career Aspiration 2014 Survey about what employees needed from their employment, more than 1,000 workers worldwide indicated that nearly half (45%) of the participants listed a good work-life balance as the chief career goal. The #1 definition of workplace success was finding enjoyment and happiness on the job.

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During this seminar, participants will explore How to be Bold and move into new dimensions of Purpose. The process of Being Bold and moving into New Dimensions stimulates and increases creativity into our lives and environment. Creative, empowered employees are energetic and passionate. They want to do a better job because they feel better. For many of us, creativity may be stifled due to work-life balance conflicts, a lack of confidence, unaddressed giants in our lives, health issues or a lack of direction or purpose. During the seminar, you will:

  • Discover ways to use purpose as a means to continue to grow and evolve in your life.
  • Use empowerment to boost creativity and happiness at work.
  • Explore a holistic approach to life using the interplay of self, love, spirit and service.
  • Explore how to use your talents and gifts in the work place, business, school, etc.

Benefits of an Empowered Workforce.

Increased Productivity
Improved Confidence

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