Are You Ready to Make Power Moves?


The month of June is very symbolic to me as it marks a period in my life, one year ago where I was at a major crossroad in determining my next major move in life. During that period, I  was approaching the end of a job contract and became very concerned about my financial security. Although I had started my company Life Changers two year prior on a part-time basis, I became very concern about making that full time move into my own business.

That period was marked by fear, anxiety, and excitement about the unknown. Despite that, with pray and contemplation, I pushed through it and took the bold move into my next dimension of going full time into my own business.

As I approach the month of June 2018, I can now reflect on how stepping out of the boat has totally transformed my life. Not only has it transformed my life but it has positioned me to transform the lives of many people around the world.

Going through the valley of losing my job has positioned me to walk in my true calling of positioning other towards greatness.  I have truly surrendered to my assignment of being a Midwife to assist individuals into higher dimensions of purpose.

Therefore, as I approach my one-year anniversary of being in business full time I would like to empower 90 individuals during the month of June to develop a strategy to be Bold and Make Power Moves for the second half of the year. To Create impact within themselves, families, community and the marketplace.

As we approach the mid-point of this year, let’s revisit your Vision for 2018.

I would like to invite you to schedule a Power Move Strategy session ($299 value) with me today. Let’s begin the conversation today. Let’s develop a Strategic Plan for the remainder of the year. I am offering a mid-year special today for $30.00. Limited time only. Sign up on the link below to schedule an appointment with me. For more information, please email me at