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30-day Challenge: Living a Life of Purpose

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Today I would like to challenge you to join my 30-day Journey towards Living a Life of Purpose. The world is in need of your gifts and talents. The world needs you to awaken to your calling. Are you ready to respond to the tug on your heart to Live a Life on Purpose and walk in your Call to Greatness? Remember you are a gift to this world.
Therefore, are you ready to take a BOLD step in your personal or business life? I would like to take this journey with you and invite you to be a part my 30-day Journey towards Living a Life of Purpose.
During these 30 days, you will:

  1. Develop a strategic plan to help you accomplish one of your personal or business goals.
  2. Strengthen your path to purpose/vision
  3. Take the next level beyond your comfort zone
  4. Activate your Push Power to go to the next level of your life

To accomplish these goals, you will:

  1. Need to purchase my book, The Purpose Factor, which will be your guided journal during this journey. Books can be obtained from this website for an investment of $20 plus shipping and handling
  2. Complete the assignments in the Purpose Factor book
  3. Complete your 30-day commitment form for this journey.
  4. Join the private Facebook Group and be part of the Purpose Factor Movement support network
  5. Receive my weekly motivation and assignment updates in the private Facebook Group.

The world is awaiting your gift. I am ready and available to take this journey with you as you take a Bold Step in Living a Life of Greatness:


Dr. Jackie

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