Dr. Jacqueline Evans Phillips

Author, CEO, Speaker & Life Coach

What is your Story?

Dr. Jackie Evans Phillips is the founder of Life Changers Institute, a company that empowers individuals to use writing as a tool to stimulate healing and create impact from their stories. Her two signature programs are the My Story Academy and The DreamBig Academy

The My Story Academy is a program designed to empower women to Write to Heal, Write to Publish, and Create Impact from their stories. These are women who are ready to ignite their warrior spirit by understanding the meaning of their life’s journey and creating impact within their communities and marketplace. Also, all participants of this program become co-authors and contribute a chapter to a Book Anthology. Over the past three years, 75 individuals have become co-authors, and 15 have transitioned to become authors. In addition, two anthologies have become Best Sellers.

The DreamBig Academy is the signature youth program designed for schools and youth programs. Students participate in a six-week I Am sessions where they explore the elements of who they are and how they can make a difference in their personal life, families, and the greater community. All participants complete an I Am document, which is added as a chapter in an Anthology. Over 60 youth have participated in this program, and two  I Am Literary Journals within the past year.

As a Mid-Wife of Purpose and Best Seller, Dr. Jackie continues to awaken individuals to their Call to Greatness through her books, seminars, training, and motivational speeches. Dr. Jackie has written five books; I Am My Story… Our Voices, The Power of the Valley, Soaring into Greatness, The Greatness within You, and The Purpose Factor. In addition, she participated in three book compilations, Stand up to be Heard, Queen Boss Rise, and Women across Borders.  Her books continue to serve as tools for her clients and complement her seminars.

Dr. Jackie has 20 years experience as an educator and currently works as an adjunct faculty in the MS program in Higher Education at Post University and Central Connecticut State University in the field of higher education.